Welcome Home to FaeTerra Temple Space!
We live at 2363 South Rocking Horse Lane, Flagstaff Arizona

You are welcome to park on the street. There is plenty of parking.

Weirdness Development Training

Welcome WEIRDOS!!! This is your safe space to TEST YOUR LIMITS, Share your shadows, UNLEASH your unique ESSENCE, Be WiLD, be Free, be CraZy, be ImPulsIve! LOsE YoUR SHitttttt!!! You see… everyone is doing personal development. But not enough people are doing WEIRDNESS Development. Personal development is only HALF the Read more…

Pleasure Coven

Dearest Wise & WiLD sisters, Something has been missing. Something raw. Something real. And something we’ve been told we don’t need. It’s PLEASURE! Deeply Felt, PRIMAL, Pleasure. ~ Pleasure coven is our space for us to UNTAME ourselves and explore the wilderness of our own bodies! We all need it! Read more…

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