Happy Valentines Day!

On this special day, we invite couples to dive deep into their intimacy,
explore their senses and celebrate each other.

Please Bring:

* Cushions & Pillows to make a Nest
* Altar Objects
* Your personal essential oils, massage oils, and ritual adornment items

We will provide ritual supplies:
* rose petals, soft and fuzzy things, honey, coconut oil, chocolate and more!

In our sacred space,
We will hold the container for you and your partner to adore one another.
This is all about you and your partner, as you are held in your own personal nest, supported by our facilitation.

* This practice will open your heart.
* It will remind you of how grateful you are for each other.
* Your depth of love will GROW.

Exercises may include
– Eye Gazing
– Heart Holding
– Affirmations
– Massage
– Sensation
– Ritual Adornment
– And other fun and creative forms of connecting with each other

What else to Bring:

We will be providing treats for ceremony.
However! If you feel inspired to make this event decadent!
Please bring dried fruit, chocolate, berries, and deserts to add to our ceremony.

You are welcome to bring your own coconut oil, essential oils, and objects to add to sensation play.

Cost $44 per couple, 7-9pm
You must RSVP so that we can purchase supplies.
Our event will host a minimum of three couples ~ up to a maximum of ten couples.
Location: 2363 S. Rocking Horse Lane, Flagstaff, AZ.

Contact us for more information!

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