🌙 Crafting our own MARRIAGE RITES ~
The Naming Ceremony ☀️

When Adam and I got married,
we changed our last name to FaeTerra.
His last name was Ellis. My last name was Kozinn.

FaeTerra means “Magick on Earth”….
Or Fairies among the people.

Adam came up with our last name to honor the magick he saw in me… the same magick he’s always known is inside himself.

~~~ ⭐️

We didn’t want to take his last name, Ellis.
And For me, this was because I didn’t want to partake in a ritual that reflects a time ~ when women were married off as property.

Tho! Today many women maintain their maiden name! As a symbol of their empowerment.

But that troubled me too… Women were considered their father’s property as well.
Which means our maiden name is tainted with the same dark history.

My name means a lot to me, and I wanted to differentiate from all of that.

~~~ ⭐️

I know that ~
Some women hold on to their maiden name because they want to hold on to their identity ~
as they enter a new life phase.

But, I knew I couldn’t bring who I was ~> where I was going.

In naming ourselves FaeTerra~
I let go of my maiden identity.
And merged in union.

I would then spend a lot of time in a transitional space… Slowly solidifying a new identity THROUGH my husband.

If I didn’t do this! I would have never ~ fully alchemized with Adam.

And our relationship would have had holes that could tear us apart during the hard times.

I won’t say this was easy!… but life passages aren’t supposed to be easy. They are supposed be transformational.

~~~ ⭐️

The naming ceremony is important,
because it psychologically prepares us for marriage * as a rite of passage.*
A portal of transformation.

Click here to see photos from our ceremony at the Goddes Temple of Ashland.

Every aspect of our ceremony was … a NEW way.
And we crafted our Marriage Rites to reflect the divine feminine rising.

I love you. I choose you. Adam FaeTerra


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