Hello! We're the FaeTerras

On August 7, 2017~ Adam and I got married.

We legally changed our last names to FaeTerra.
FaeTerra means Magick on Earth

Adam and I look to the myths to guide our union,
and we utilize ceremony to bring people together.

We want to share the magick that inspires our connection,
So we built this site!

What's different about us, is we don't want to be teachers.

We want to host events that embody a new way...
an ancient way, that supports our modern times.

Welcome Home Family!

FaeTerra is our temple space where we host events

To support our families.

To deepen our romantic intimacy.

To better understand our inner selves.

To unleash our expression.

And to connect with our spiritual nature.

Most of our events are community events.

Our purpose is to set sacred space

to reconnect people to their bodies, dissolve illusions, and bridge us with the natural world.

Check out our type of events below!



* Marriage

* Intimacy

* Healing

Women’s Wisdom

Women’s Wisdom

* Embodied Fertility Arts

* Feminine Healthcare

* Red Tent



* Arts and Crafts

* Movement

* Writing



* Fertility and Birth Support

* Family Support Circles

* Family Gatherings



* Archetypal Embodiment

* Ceremony and Ritual

* Spiritual Wisdom



* Favorite Holidays

* New Moon

* Full Moon


You are the Goddess

FaeTerra Oracle Deck Oracle Card: You are the Goddess. It’s time to believe in yourself. “You’re an extinct model.” “What do you mean?” “Women like you don’t exist anymore. “In ancient times there were Oracles Read more…

You are in Love ☥

This is a card from FaeTerra Oracle Deck. Meaning: You are in Love! Description Below: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you listen closely, everything is making LOVE ☥ The birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees. Read more…

You are Nature

This is a card within the FaeTerra Oracle Card Deck.Meaning: Go Outside! ReWILD yourself. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When you pull this card, Go Outside! ReWILD yourself You’ve listened to how society wants you to be,and you’ve tried Read more…

Sexual Flow

As I sit in bed I am contemplating my life. Where am I? Who am I? What led me here? But nothing is coming. Do I need to be amongst the trees and the birds Read more…

Primal is Sexy

She isn’t a traditionally pretty girl. She shaves her head-And leaves mud caked beneath her nails.But her body image never bothers her. There is something truly sexy about her. Sex, as it relates to primal Read more…