Hello! We're the FaeTerras

On August 7, 2017~ Adam and I got married.

We legally changed our last names to FaeTerra.
FaeTerra means Magick on Earth

Then on 4/4 at 4:44am Atreyu Dragon was born! Solidifying our family unit.

Our Magickal Family’s purpose is to create healthy family connections
utilizing ancient wisdom, new world philosophy, creativity and PLAY.

Right now, all of our events are toddler friendly.

We are excited to connect with like minded families who want to create a new world.

Welcome Home Family!

FaeTerra is our temple space where we host events

To support our families.

To deepen our romantic intimacy.

To better understand our inner selves.

To unleash our expression.

And to connect with our spiritual nature.

Most of our events are community events.

Our purpose is to set sacred space

to reconnect people to their bodies, dissolve illusions, and bridge us with the natural world.

Check out our type of events below!



* Full Moon Intimacy Circle

* Marriage Support

* Sexuality Workshops

Women’s Wisdom

Women’s Wisdom

* New Moon Coven

* Feminine Healthcare

* Pleasure Practices



* "Art Witch" Art Journal Circles

* Contact Improvisational Dance

* Expressive Arts Therapy



* Fertility and Birth Workshops

* Family Support Circles

* Family Gatherings



* Archetypal Embodiment

* Ceremony and Ritual

* Spiritual Wisdom



* Favorite Holy Days

* New Moon

* Full Moon


No more BOXES

I AM. Ever changing. Always growing. Shapeshifting and morphing in response to my current experience. AND WE ALL ARE~ More than what’s being said. & more than what’s being shown…. What if we stopped branding Read more…