Welcome to FaeTerra!

This is a special space.

It's our place where our family celebrates ourselves,
and we hope to inspire YOU!

We named ourselves FaeTerra which means Magick On Earth.

Here we dream about what's possible for our family and this world.

Reach for the stars and follow the MAGICK with us.


The Wise Old Chameleon

An old chameleon looks up at a bush.He decides to climb it. As he climbs the bush he meets a caterpillarThe caterpillar is SCARED!He is supposed to become a butterfly,but to become a butterfly he Read more…

Alone in the Abyss

In the abyss of solitude, I found myself enveloped by the darkness of despair, suffocating beneath the weight of abandonment. Yet, amidst the echoes of loneliness, I discovered a resilience born from the depths of Read more…