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FaeTerra is our temple space where we host events

To support our families.

To deepen our romantic intimacy.

To better understand our inner selves.

To unleash our expression.

And to connect with our spiritual nature.

Most of our events are community events.

Our purpose is to set sacred space

to reconnect people to their bodies, dissolve illusions, and bridge us with the natural world.

Check out our type of events below!



* Family Support Circles

* Fertility and Birth Workshops

* Family Feast Day Potlucks



* Intimacy Events

* Marriage Support

* Sexuality Workshops

Women’s Wisdom

Women’s Wisdom

* Red Tent Women's Circle

* Feminine Healthcare

* Women's Mysteries



* Zegg Forum

* Expressive Arts Workshops

* Dance & Movement



* Rites of Passage

* Menarche Ceremony

* Blessing Way Ceremony



* Favorite Holy Days

* New Moon

* Full Moon

Hello, we're the FaeTerras

On August 7, 2017~ Adam and I got married.

We legally changed our last names to FaeTerra.
FaeTerra means Magick on Earth

Adam and I look to the myths to guide our union,
and we utilize ceremony to bring people together.

We want to share the magick that inspires our connection,
So we built this site!

Adam and I value family and we love building community.

We host events that reflect a new way...
an ancient way, that supports our modern times.
Atreyu FaeTerra

Atreyu FaeTerra

I am a Guardian Angel Born on 4/4 @ 4:44 AM at home in water


☥* Blood Rites *☥

☥* Blood Rites *☥ HER daughter walked toward the Red Tent to learn the wisdom of women. She had just started her first MOON. Blood dripped into her undergarments, caught by a piece of fabric Read more…

The Red Thread

I’m sitting in front of my birth altar contemplating the RED THREAD. You know… the red thread that permeates all life. The thread that connects us…. Red, like our womb walls that house our soul’s Read more…