Date & Time & Place :
Saturday November 14 @ 12:30pm @ FaeTerra House:

“I never knew there was a place like this…
a place that feels utterly safe and profoundly sacred.”

~ ♡ ~

Dearest Women of the Moon & Womb,
Welcome to the Red Tent!

This is our monthly retreat space where we gather in Our Red Tent ~
to shed and rebirth ourselves.

This is a space for the witches.
(All women are witches, when we remember how powerful we are.)

This is a sacred temple space where we reveal ourselves to each other,
and tap into our innate feminine spirituality.

We gather every new moon!
Bring your altar objects! Art journals. Oils and Cards.

We will share deeply while we embody the women’s mysteries.

As usual RED TENT is a “what happens here stays here” SPACE.

It is our space to GET REAL and show up authentically.
We will celebrate each other’s heroine’s journey.

After sharing, we do an activity!

THINGS to NOTE! And Things to BRING:

* In Our Red Tent we wear a sarong. Please bring a sarong to change into.

* A cushion to sit on

*YOUR TAROT CARDS or pendulum

* Altar objects if you feel inspired

* A JOURNAL, pens and markers.


*** NO drugs or ALCOHOL ***

We are very excited to share this sacred space with you all!

Remember, babies at the breast are welcome if you can still share deeply.
We also invite maidens as soon as they have had their first blood ♥
Sorry, no toddlers~ so we may go deep with each other.

☽♀☾ ♥ ♥

Sharing Circles are Free of Charge.
Women’s mystery workshops, when they occur, will have a fee.

PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO BELOW, that I made with the women who attended the first Red Tents I hosted.

** Click here to be redirected to a page to learn even more about OUR RED TENT! **

Date: New Moon Time, Saturday November 12th ~ 12:30pm

Haleakala Hwy Kula


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