~ * Rites of Passage into the Mother Phase of Life * ~

Joseph Campbell quotes
“When a baby is born the mother dies.
She no longer lives in the pursuit of herself…
her life force is now utilized toward her child.
She shifts from self to service.“

Joseph Campbell compares myths from diverse cultures to understand how their stories effect our psyche, our families, our rituals and our society as a whole.
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What terrifies me most about our western culture is we have no culture. We have few set myths…
besides what’s trendy on Netflix and YouTube.

Tradition is gone…
family models are dissolving…
true connection to spirituality is fading…
and rites of passage are almost non-existent.

What is exciting about our western culture is that corrupt myths are being exposed and new rules are being written.

If we believe in our future— then we have to commit ourselves to living a new, healthier myth.

One that we are writing together.
& I personally believe that in order to write our new mythology we need to look to our ancient past…. take what’s good and reject what’s no longer needed. This will give us a guide map.

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Back to the Rite of Passage for the mother phase of life…
Our culture currently does not believe in rites of passage.

Nor, does it promote a woman shifting archetypes from maiden to mother to crone….
For the most part, our society idealizes women who look like maidens… nurture like mothers…. and are achieving to fit into the patriarchy.

We are not modeling ourselves to reflect our true biological nature.

Joseph Campbell says, that the Mother Phase of life is a time to give back.
The seeking of the maiden phase ends- in order to become a family and to nurture the next generation.

This is an end of ego culture, and an introduction to focusing on the health of a society as a whole.

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Unfortunately, this model doesn’t fit well in America… capitalism… and achievement nation.
It doesn’t fair well for the feminists who are angry at a millennia of suppression and it doesn’t support USA’s “you can have it all” mentality.

However! The myths… which have set the foundations for societies for much longer than we’ve been destroying them-


That life is not about having it all.

To move from one phase of life to another, we must grieve the past phase of life.
We will be asked to give up something we love, in order to move toward something new.

So! The maiden must grieve her life, that was focused on herself….
and then turn her attention & her life force— to her children.

If she does not!

She will always be unsatisfied with her life phase.
She will not transition to mother.
And she will stay in maiden psychology forever…

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The phenomenon of staying the maiden … with children… is our current cultural norm!
And we are left with fractured mothers, burnt out or escapist dads, and wild children.

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We live at a time on this planet where we are not who we were, and we are not yet who we are becoming.

In this limbo- We must be strong 💪 and claim our own rites of passage.

Our mothers cannot pass down the information we need to move into our next life phase.

We have to create this healthy mother archetype~ for ourselves.

And she will not be suppressed, but she will be whole.

She will see herself as a part of something much greater than herself!… and she will end a world of patriarchy…

The feminine on this planet is not weak.
She is wise.
She weaves the past, the present and the future to create who we are becoming.


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