My husband says this is the “Age of the Maiden.”

And by that he means…The Age of the Mother, when life revolved around family, is gone.

We are a culture obsessed with youth, beauty & independence.With the digital age, the young seeker can tap into information he needs… instantly.

He can also “swipe left” as many times as he pleases.

The archetype of the maiden. Or, in a man’s world~ the prince… Is a time of exploration.

It’s a time to have casual sex. And to build personal businesses. It’s a time of travel.
And, for some, the alone time to commune with spirit.

There’s little responsibility, because life revolves around “self.”~~

But, what happens when we live in a culture that doesn’t appreciate the transition to mother? Or father?

Well… people never actually become the archetype of the mother and the father.

They continue to idealize the ways of the maiden and prince.
They are forever chasing their free spirited ways… And why not do so?
Our current culture says we can have it forever.


What does this do to families? The answer is obvious. More kids are in day care.
More divorces or no marriage at all. People are having complete psychological break downs when they become parents. Mothers and fathers can’t focus on their children… because they are too scared of loosing “themself.”

But the self they know, is their maiden form.

~~~ ⭐️

I hope my statements make it obvious why I’ve been brainstorming a rites of passage project~
from the maiden phase into the mother phase of life.

But, I’m going to take a step away from this train of thought …and also proclaim for us mothers….
That the mother phase of life can be REALLY JUICY. And Alive!

When you look at a pagan depiction of the maiden, the mother and the crone… the mother is dressed in RED.
She is curvy and fertile and the embodiment of the full moon.

She is interconnected with her children and the web of life. She is FULL! Embodied! At the peak of her ripeness.
The AGE OF THE MOTHER means the return of the Goddess on Earth.

~~~ ⭐️
Our culture has forgotten the ways of family pleasure… and it’s a tragedy.
The most profound activism a millennial mother can do today, is to drop into her embodied sensuality and see her role as something meaningful.


As mothers in this very strange world….It’s our job to wash away the pain of our own mother, and her mother, and her mother’s mother. We get to change the story of our current culture. We are the empowered mother now.


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