When you choose to be married, it’s a choice to alchemize.
It’s a choice to change and transform.

And to do that, a container is necessary.

How do you navigate the line between~

committing to the relationship when it’s hard.

And, knowing when its time to split up, because things are TOO hard?

Let’s turn to the myths!

In paganism, people get married for a year and a day, every Beltane!

I really love this!

Beltane is in May,  when the world is juicy!

It’s SPRING! Animals are birthing babies… the flowers are in bloom…
and all you want to do is be in union.

Marriage is a commitment though!
And at your marriage ceremony you get hand fasted.

The ritual of Hand fasting – includes rope that ties your hands together.
With it, you are committing to not break your union for a year and a day.

This is different than “until death do us part.”

In Paganism it says,
“Stay in your union a year and a day –
and if you want to unwind, or renew your vows,
please do so next Beltane.

Here’s what’s neat about this magick!

Beltane’s energy is Juicy and we desire to be in union.
But the winter months are cold!
Winter is about transformation.
And this is when we do our deep work.

The hand-fasting reminds us that when our relationship gets hard in winter,
do not break container!
Go through it.

Wait until next Beltane to break your container… or renew your vows.

If you desire to break up-
when everything around you wants to be in union,

then okay!
Release your vows, uncord yourself.
Say thank you so much, and go your separate ways. 🙂

Or! you can renew your vows and go through it all over again for another year and a day.


Isn’t that’s beautiful!?
The lesson is, don’t be in hardship too long.
If you lose your sovereignty and you start living out unhealthy marriage models– then uncord.

But don’t be too hasty! Hardship has meaningful lessons.
And marriage is a commitment, so that we can alchemize and transform.

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