Dearest Embodied Mover,
You are invited to join us in our Authentic Movement Experience “The Art of Going Inside.”

What is Authentic Movement?
Authentic Movement is a movement exploration ~ where a mover is witnessed ~ and then given feedback.
This brings deep insights.

When the mover moves, his eyes are closed.
He moves from a place of inner connection.
He feels his impulses, sensations, emotions, and thoughts, and is witnessed.
The witness observes, creates safety, and holds the container for the mover to go deeper.

“The body is the home of feeling; the house of memory. To heal, we need access to it.”
~ Tina Stromsted, Creator of Authentic Movement

How it works!

#1. We begin with massage and embodied movement to help us drop into our bodies.
There is no use in witnessing each other if we aren’t HOME in our bodies!

#2. Each person “moves” in front of the group.
Bring your own song to move to! Or, choose to move without music.
The witnessers will then provide feedback using “I” statements, owning their own projections while also providing useful insights to the mover.

#3. Each person is invited to move a second time. This time, without music.
The witnessers hold space for the mover to MOVE DEEPER.
We utilize a dance movement therapy technique to help the mover, move even deeper.
This technique will be taught in group.

#4. We gain important insights about ourselves and our current emotional state.
We also make strong connections with each other.

Here is an example of a woman doing Authentic Movement for us to witness!

The Experience lasts for 2 to 3 hours depending on how many movers join us.
We meet at FaeTerra Temple (our home) at date and time TBD.
Our Address is 2363 S Rocking Horse Lane, Flagstaff AZ
Cost: $35 ~  Pay here to reserve your spot (click the link). We are accepting a maximum of 7 participants.


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