Intimacy and Deep Relating

“In to Me See”
we host events to help couples connect deeply with each other.

We call these events intimacy ceremonies, some people call them “Tantra Pujas.”

We always host an event on Valentine’s Day and Beltane. And we often host events at other special times of the year.
Visit our events page to see whats events are coming up.


We host workshops on sexual healing to help couples release trauma.

Adam and I will introduce emotional release techniques and presence practices.

We often use the myths to understand our shadow journey as a collective experience.


The myths help us understand
marriage as a rite of passage.

Some cultures explain marriage alchemy through symbols such as the sun and the moon, or the chalice and the blade, or the semen and menstrual blood.

My husband and I held a marriage ritual where we incorporated the myths
into our bond.

We are excited to share these marriage rites, so that you can create a strong container with your beloved.

If you desire marriage counseling support, my husband Adam and I are happy to work with you.

One on One
Adam and I are happy to work with you!
We can work in person or online through video chat.
Contact us with your specific needs and we’ll respond back to you.

Below are videos on romantic relationship, alchemy and marriage ~ based on the MYTHS. ENJOY!!