We host Red Tent Women’s Circles
for the community, by the community
Every New Moon! 🌙

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We invite women of ALL AGES to Red Tent.

Elders, please come and share your wisdom!
Mothers, come and share your stories!
Maidens, once you have started menstruating,
come and learn from the wisdom of women!

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What makes Our Red Tent unique is our focus on ceremony, Rites of Passage, and what we call the “Women’s Mysteries.”

We remember the Priestess Arts and embrace Pagan (nature based) customs to support women’s empowerment. Some cultures, including those of Native American heritage, call our Red Tent a Moon Lodge.

We believe that ritual and connection to women-centric spirituality expedites emotional healing and leads to personal liberation!

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Aurora traveled the country facilitating Red Tents & teaching the Women’s Mysteries. Her purpose was to help like-minded women find each other and share their stories. She created a movement that was 23,000 women strong! And it has now webbed into something much larger than herself.

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Watch this video Aurora made
to learn about the Red Tent’s HERstory!

The name “Red Tent”
is attributed to Anita Diamant’s book “The Red Tent.”

However! women have been coming together to share their wisdom in the menstrual lodge since the beginning of time.

Our Red Tent’s VALUES:

Step out of the BOX and into our CIRCLE!
Let’s support each other to break through our walls!
And unite in sisterhood circle.

Our mission is for EVERY woman’s story to be heard!
Listen with Acceptance. Be open to share your truth.

We are ALL EQUAL in circle
Everyone has wisdom to share.

Our Red Tent is NOT THERAPY
We are a support group that believes by sharing our stories
and receiving feedback we heal ourselves in our own timing.

Let’s Honor our HER-STORY!
Women’s history has been suppressed.
Let’s learn our Women’s Mysteries and claim
back our POWER pieces.

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Women Supporting Women!