“Many women remember being natural priestesses as children. They describe spontaneous acts of worship and celebration. Moments of passionate communion with a tree, naked dances in the rain, whispered conversations with angels, secret acts of magic, innocent songs of praise and heartfelt prayers. These are natural forms of spiritual communion.”

~ I’m an Artistic Mystic ~
* A Creative Seer *
FaeTerra is our
visionary art project.

It’s our vision for how life can be, and the way we choose to live.


I am a teller of myths
& I am passionate about ancient traditions.

I make art pieces to express what I see, and I write blogs to share how I feel inside.

I teach the Womens Mysteries

I share stories from ancient HERstory & I utilize myth and ritual to help women develop themselves~ psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

I facilitate groups, workshops and ceremonies in the fields of:

Please explore my WORKSHOPS in Events! I’m excited to connect more deeply with you.

My Qualifications

I believe:
“Your Ancestors Certify You”

I am a channel to the unseen, a “rememberer” of the ancient ways, and a speaker for the Goddess.

Most of my training comes from my field work. I have been holding support groups, expressive art groups & women’s mystery circles for 12 years.

Through ourredtent.com I spent 4 years training other women to be circle work facilitators, themselves.

I like to think that “the Goddess certified me.” This knowing is in my cells, and I have spent most of my life trying to understand myself.

From my own inner work, I have devised how I can best support you.

My HERstory

From 2009 until the Present:
I built alternative communities in Phoenix, Sedona and Flagstaff.
I’ve also supported the creation of communities in California and Oregon.

From 2010- 2016:
I founded a world wide community with the Red Tent Movement,
helping women build a Red Tent in their neighborhood.

In 2014, I became the FoundHER of ourredtent.com.
I traveled the country teaching the women’s mysteries and circle work.
Together we remembered women’s past to create a powerful future.

In 2017, I started authenticallyaurora.com
which is an Expressive Arts platform that asks us to explore our inner world through art, movement, ritual & writing.

Now I host events on FaeTerra.com with my husband Adam.

Life keeps changing.
And my work keeps expanding.
I’m excited to get to know you.