This is a finger painting Adam and I did together- for emotional release.

Sometimes emotions are hard to put into words.

I learned early on in our relationship –
that if I put a paint brush in Adam’s hands when he is emotional,
I’ll more deeply understand what he’s going through.

When you do a “Doodle Painting” with your partner-
It’s not supposed to be pretty. And neither of you need to know how to draw.

It’s about noticing the feelings behind your squiggles, the hearts and the spirals.
It’s a safe space to doodle “FUCK YOU” then splatter paint…
to get to the bottom of your frustration.

In this particular doodle painting, Adam and I realized we feel happy.
This was strange because a few hours earlier we were in a fight,
frustrated by life circumstances that we cannot control.
We realized that although our environment is chaotic, and there is a lot to navigate-
Our love is there.


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