☀️Goddess Temple 🌙

We consider ourselves a Goddess Temple
because we gather community to restore the feminine ways of life.

People who attend Goddess Temple worship the earth,
and study our relationship to the stars.

We understand that we are a reflection of nature.
And nature is balanced…
Being is just as important as doing.
The darkness is just as important as the light.

Community nurturance is essential for the soul!
& song, dance and art make life more beautiful!

Our Goddess Temple should be called a:
“GOD”-DESS temple. Or maybe a God-in-us Temple.

We are a “GOD”-DESS Temple because we empower men,
and we want to create more balance between the men and women.

We are a God-in-us Temple because we are empowering each other to find the creator within ourselves.

At FaeTerra,
we host events to explore our inner worlds.
To deepen our romantic intimacy.
To connect us with authentic spirituality.
To support the raising of our families.
To cultivate self care.
To expand our minds.
And to create lasting friendships.

Most of our events are community events.

We meet on the Holy Days and on the New & Full Moon

During the new moon,
the men and women separate by gender to share their stories.

The men traditionally meet in the Sun Lodge.
And the women meet in the Moon Lodge (Red Tent).

On the Full Moon, we have “Full Moon Family Feast Day.”
For parents and children!
Every third full moon we host an intimacy ceremony for romantic couples to celebrate their unions.

The religious holidays we hold are a fusion of the pagan system and our own upbringing.

As such, we enjoy Beltain and Samhain.
And we celebrate Halloween with our kids as well as New Years, Valentine’s Day and all the others

Beltane & Samhain are FaeTerra’s FAVORITE holidays!

On Beltane and Samhain we host celebrations that differ from the traditional Pagan way of doing things–
But honor the core principles of Fertility and Death.

We invite our local community to paint, play and pray with us.

There are no rules here.
Only creative outlets.

We express our emotions and share our dreams through PAINT, MOVEMENT, WRITING, and SONG.

We enjoy Expressive Arts Therapy and collaborate on creative projects.

This is the area where children get to explore their creative wonderment..

Below are a series of writings that celebrate FAETERRA

We are Artists & Mystics

Who investigate the ancient times to support our modern times.

We bridge the spiritual world with the physical world.

We delve into the shadow aspects of life
to find out what the world is so afraid of.

We celebrate our embodiment.

We play in our creativity.

We explore our sexuality.

We support couples in transformation.

We live in pursuit of Passion and Pleasure.

We seek to destroy illusions through

Comparative Religions,
and Story Telling

to reconnect us with our inner knowing.

We choose to be the Change.

Real community


Fae = Fairy. Of the Stars. Magick.

Terra = Earth

We at Faeterra are Magic on Earth

Our role on this planet is to mirror the mystical impulse that lives in nature,
and to translate the intentions set for us in the Stars.

We are the Elementals.
We are the Star Nations.
We are the Ancients.
We are the Animals.

Together, we listen to Earth’s codes and use it to cultivate our family unit.

We use our advanced sight, to move beyond constructed reality to create a reality of our own.

We are GODs.

Myths of the SUN and the MOON

Let’s Sit around the fire~ my brothers and sisters~ and learn the stories of the Mother and the Father.

The Mother, the Great Goddess, is felt in the Earth.

Her flowers bloom ~
in her fertile times.

And her flowers wither~
at her time of death.

Like the * MOON *
The great mother reminds us that all things cycle- including ourselves.

In life, we cycle from birth, child, parent, elder, and then death

The Mother helps us as we shift and change.

She asks us to take care of ourselves and others.
To celebrate our own fertility, and to delve deep when times are hard.

All HAIL the Mother, whose cyclical  embodiment is mirrored in every woman’s womb.


The Father, our GOD, is felt in * The SUN *

His rays shine upon us-

* Protecting us
* Providing for us
* Supporting us

It is because of the Sun, that Mother Earth is able to provide us abundance.

It is because of the SUN, that we see beyond the Dark.

Let us celebrate the Father, our SUN , to hold the mother’s container so she may cycle from season to season.

All HAiL the Father ~ and that which drives manifestation.

The loving counterpart to the deep, intuitive MOON.

Our bodies mysteries-

The body is not just a vessel. It is a map of our soul’s journey ~~~ through many incarnations.

Tapping into our body wisdom, is a compass to how we are meant to navigate this world.

* Take a breath *
Feel into your belly
Feel your truth

What are FaeTerra’s spiritual teachings?

“I have the same religion as that tree over there.”

The closest term for our temple teachings is “pagan,”
because we believe we are a reflection of the Earth.
But we don’t subscribe to boxes.

We are devotees to the Goddess. But we are also devotees to GOD.

Our spirituality revolves around worshiping both the Sun and the Moon.
Which we honor at couples events and holydays.

What differentiates us from other pagan sects is that
We believe we ARE the Goddess.
And we believe that we are GOD.
We are the creators of this brilliant reality.

In relation to Goddess Spirituality,
We are in service to Divine Feminine Rising.

We believe that embracing the feminine principle recalibrates
male and female dynamics, to create harmony between men and women on Earth.

Make LOVE not WAR

At this time, we each need to make a choice.
Pursue power or choose LOVE.

We at Faeterra believe that choosing POWER – aka:
hierarchy- ego games- teacher over student- King over the people –
Is a reflection of past paradigm ideals.

It reflects an age when unity needs to be suppressed to acclaim fortune (security).

In this paradigm- we believe that union is fortune.
And there is nothing more valuable than truly supporting each other.

More Musings….

I am LIGHT and I am DARK ~  I am LOVE

We enjoy authentic expression.
Show us your pain and your pleasure.

We believe in Shamanic journeys and the dark night of the soul.

We also believe in our own unraveling, and the path to healing.

We look forward to you experiencing FaeTerra.

Even more MUSINGS….

More and more people are WAKING UP.
They see the pain on this planet, and they are powerfully driven to change it.

Our goal,
is to help these “way-seers” understand the whole movie.

Everyone is programmed, with cultural conditioning & societal norms.

Who you were raised to be, and how you were raised to think,
is someone else’s movie imposed on your projector.

Let’s remember that we aren’t sheep,
And that we can create new systems of thought.

If something is broken-
we will be the ones to fix it.

At FaeTerra,
We want you to remember that life can have more PLAY!
& that you are in control of your internal movie.

Yes, there are corrupt leaders in power. And their power can make us feel powerless.

But they can’t fully imprison us, if we understand the game.

We are in NINJA training,
advancing our minds so that we can think outside of their boxes.

Let’s clear out the emotional baggage of our ancestor’s pasts.
Let’s dissolve the fear programming that is imposed on our bodies.
Let’s host community events to remind each other of our powerful selves.

Let’s create models for being~ that bring more joy.
This all starts inside.