People who attend Goddess Temple celebrate the seasonal wheel and the ways of nature.

We connect to our bodies, and we understand that our bodies are a reflection of nature.

In the same way that we worship the earth, we also study our relationship to the stars.

And as the Earth shifts in seasons and the stars shifts it alignments,
We recognize that we are cyclical beings.
Ever changing, ever growing and connected to each other.

Our Goddess Temple can also be called: a GOD-IN-US Temple.
We empower each other to find the source creator within ourselves.

Our Goddess Temple also honors the “GOD” in Goddess.
We invite men to be the empowered counterpart of the Goddess,
and we hope to help create more harmony between men and women.

At FaeTerra Temple,
we celebrate the Holy Days. We gather on the moons.

We host events~
To explore our inner worlds.
To deepen our romantic intimacy.
To develop our artistic capabilities.
To support the raising of our families.
To cultivate self care.
To expand our minds.
And to create lasting friendships.

Many of our events are public community events, and others are invite only. Some are workshops and others are open gatherings.

Holy Days and on the New & Full Moon 🌙

During the new moon,
the women meet in the RED TENT
And men are invited to gather with the children or in their men’s council.

On the Full Moon, we host CO-ED experiences such as
Intimacy ceremonies, Zegg Forum, Dances or Holidays.

We celebrate the seasonal wheel, and the religious holidays we hold are a fusion of the pagan system and our own upbringing.
I guess you can call us ECLECTIC!

We enjoy Beltane and Samhain!
Tho we also call Samhain Halloween, and we enjoy celebrating it with our kids. We also celebrate New Years and Valentines Day.

Ceremonies and Rites of Passage

As a people age they go through portals of transformation.

A girl experiences her first menses, then her first sex, then she gives birth.
She gets married, she may become a mother, and she might experience divorce. She’ll go through menopause and then she’ll claim her crone,
her wise elder.

These phases of transformation are known as rites of passage and they should be celebrated with ceremony to help us transform effectively.

FaeTerra Temple offers:
Menarche Ceremony
Sexual Support
Marriage Ceremony
Blessing Way Ceremony
Rites of Passage for the Mother Phase of Life
Closing the Bones and Postpartum Care Rituals
Abortion Support
Divorce Rituals
Queen Ceremony
Crone Ceremony

And specialized ceremonies and support experiences depending on what is requested.

Aurora FaeTerra is the Priestess and the main facilitator at our Goddess Temple.

“I am a channel to the unseen, a “rememberer” of the ancient ways, and a speaker for the Goddess.

I like to think that the Goddess certified me. This knowing is in my cells, and I have spent most of my life trying to understand myself.

From my own inner work, I have devised how I can best support you.”

No matter what your spiritual practice is… come PLAY WITH US!

FAETERRA is not just a Goddess Temple.
It is an ecstatic way of LIVING focused on embodiment, interconnectivity and ART!!!

Experience our EXPERIENCES! (click the link.)

There are no rules here. Only creative outlets!
We express our emotions and share our dreams through PAINT, MOVEMENT, WRITING, and SONG.

We enjoy Expressive Arts and collaborate on creative projects.
For KIDS~ this is a place where children get to explore their creative wonderment..


More and more people are WAKING UP.
They see the pain on this planet, and they are powerfully driven
to change it.

Our goal,
is to help these “way-seers” understand that
everyone is programmed, with cultural conditioning & societal norms.

Who you were raised to be, and how you were raised to think,
is someone else’s movie imposed on your projector.

Let’s remember that we can create new systems of thought.

If something is broken-
we will be the ones to fix it.

At FaeTerra,
We want you to remember that life can have more PLAY!
& that you are in control of your internal movie.

Yes, there are corrupt leaders in power.
And their power can make us feel powerless.

But they can’t fully imprison us if we understand the game.

We are in NINJA training,
advancing our minds so that we can think outside of their boxes.

Let’s clear out the emotional baggage of our ancestor’s pasts!
Let’s dissolve the fear programming that is imposed on our bodies.
Let’s host community events to remind each other of our powerful selves.

Let’s create models for being~ that bring more joy.
This all starts inside.