Our Marriage RITUAL: 
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On April 7th, 2017
☀♂ ~ the SUN married the MOON ~♕☾

We held a private ceremony at the Goddess Temple of Ashland. 

This one was just for us. 

We didn’t invite our family members. 
And many of our closest friends didn’t know about it.

What we created was a ritual marriage of GOD & GODDESS.

Supported by High Priestess Graell Corsini, and 15 incredible spirit sent loved ones. 

Our wedding was interactive.

And included 
* Embodied Movement
* Ritual Adoration
* Elemental Invocation
* Storytelling of the marriage mysteries
* Re-Birthing Ceremony.

** Adam held the blade. And I held the chalice.
I honored his Seed. And he honored my Blood. **


Before our hand-fasting, 
Adam and I met at the Mikvah pool.

The pool was filled with rose petals and prayers. 
We disrobed each other, then dunked 3 times.

the Dunks:
#1. To release The past
#2. to release ideas of the future
#3. to be in the preset moment

then Adam and I embraced and breathed one breath.

While most hand-fastings invite the couple to renew their vows ~ “every year and a day.”

Adam and I promise to renew our vows Every Day. 

In the evening we take off our wedding bands. 
And every morning we propose to each other again.

The process is our commitment to raw communication.



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