I’d like to tell you a story about the sun and the moon.
In pagan traditions, the woman is the moon.
She is cyclical and she moves in rhythms with the tides.
She is light and she is dark, as she dances in her emotional flows.

The man is the sun.
He also shifts, but with the seasons.
His energy is here to protect and to guide the moon,
as the moon cycles from light to dark more rapidly than the sun.

As the moon enters the darkness,
she finds divine inspiration and that inspiration is taken by the sun to manifest in the world.

We were all masculine and feminine within ourselves.
We are all, both the sun and the moon.

However, I do believe our body plays a large role in our masculine and feminine essences.

A woman’s body curvy.
A man’s body is straight, up and down.

In the same way his his cock, is hard and straight as well.
Whereas our woman’s womb is cyclical, like a circle.

Our body’s biology shows us that women are designed to be more feminine. And men more masculine.

Masculine energy is straight.
—-> it manifests.

Feminine energy is cyclical.
~~ It holds, it feels and it nurtures. It also visions new inspiration.

Our BODY Mysteries! Stories of men’s and women’s power:

They say that a woman’s womb is connected to the everything.
“We hold the COSMOS in our womb.”

Once a month we bleed, and we shed for the world.

As such, our wombs are always gathering information.
We women are feeling our children, our husbands, and our parents….
That’s why we rapidly cycle.
We’re not just cycling for ourselves. We’re cycling for the everyone.

Men, too, are accessing codes from the sun.
They have their own unique codes as men.

And it is during lovemaking that the sun and the moon can access each other’s gifts.

Why men and women forgot who we are:

There is a mythological story ~ that in the last paradigm shift, there was a veil put over men and women.
And this veil allowed men to  inflict a lot of pain on women.

But the full essence of the sacred masculine is to protect, and to nurture, and to guide.
In order for men to get to the point of rape & pillaging- their inner truth had to be destroyed.

They say women also have a veil over us, but we aren’t completely dark.
And this is because our wombs are connected to the cosmos.
We receive information from higher wisdom in the stars.
And babies come from the stars 🙂
We are a direct channel, that cannot be taken out.

Of course, I’m sure you’ve noticed,
we use tampons that are full of toxins.
We have birth control pills that take us off our rhythms….

The world is waging a war on our wombs.
But still, women are not fully taken out.


So, in order for men and women to find harmony in our unions. We need to understand each other’s magick.

Men need to believe that women are connected to the “Everything.” And this makes us oracles.
We are the bringers of visions and divine inspiration.

And Women need to know that men protect us and help us manifest, so that visionary wisdom can be brought into the world.

In deep lovemaking,
men and women can access each other’s codes.
We can heal each other. And we can heal the world.


That is the story of the sun and the moon 🙂 I’d like to dedicate this to my sister, Mariana Riley, who tells me these stories as we channel lost wisdom together.

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Terry Rowan Stirling · October 13, 2022 at 6:09 pm

I have been searching this today, because it seems our traditions have lost much of the meaning of women and men. As a woman, I felt sorrow that one might be considered to be a mere reflection of man, without one’s own light.
Thank you for this.

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