Being a Mother is SEXY.

But it’s not the kind of sexy that dresses in lingerie.
And it’s not the sexy that idealizes a skinny body.

It’s not the kind of sexy that plays hard to get.
And it’s not the kind of sexy that requires youth.

It’s not the sexy that gets off on power plays.
And it’s not a sexy that is aroused by kinks.


The mother’s kind of sexy is primal.
It’s rooted.
It’s a natural kind of sexy.
Natural, as in, it’s a reflection of nature.

It’s sexy the way we were designed to be sexy.
Before makeup and heals and … well… the prostitution of ourselves.


This kind of sexy is best anchored by a good man.
A husband who who makes his wife feel safe.
Safe enough, to leave her maidenhood behind.
And to never want to play out patriarchal ideals of beauty again.


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