My husband and I have wild sex.

As in messy, unpredictable, untamable, uncomfortable, awkward, joyful, expanding, emotional, passionate, and fully expressed.

Sometimes I shut down in the middle of love making.
Sometimes, right in the middle of penetration, I can’t feel anything.

Sometimes I’m emotional.
I’m sad and I start to cry.
I’m angry and I want to choke him.

Sometimes, I’m madly in love and I want to merge as one.

Sometimes our sex is profound.
My husband will gaze at my vulva with adoration,
and know that I am the temple where he goes to pray.

He’ll spend hours massaging my body,
holding presence,
as I release whatever comes up.

And sometimes my husband needs worship.
Sometimes he is emotional and wants a quick release.

Our sex is unpredictable.
One day we may repel each other,
and the next we are magnetically intertwined.

We believe that sex is a reflection of our inner worlds.
And how our sex is that day, helps us understand ourselves.

It has helped our marriage to not push for sexual perfection.
Instead, we enjoy the madness.

Which I believe,
Is the only way to enjoy this life.


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