I’d like to tell a story around why it is I chose Adam as my partner.

A little background on me, my name is Aurora FaeTerra.
I used to go by Aurora Rae and, for 10 years, I traveled with ourredtent.com and I taught the woman’s mysteries.

I was a speaker for the red feminine and the wild woman!

Part of being the wild woman and embodying the red feminine ~

is to identify with self sovereignty….
owning our bodies, speaking our truth, reclaiming our sexuality, and being embodied with our emotional flow.

Which is amazing!
And for those 10 years, i felt married to myself.
I was polyamorous, in open relationships, and I was happy!!

But then I wanted to have a child.
And i wanted to be in a union with a man

-who honored my wild woman ideals –

but held a strong container.

Isn’t that interesting?

How do you own your self sovereignty and also, merge in the alchemy of marriage?

Well! I speak more about this in the audio above.
Listen 🙂


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