“When two givers indulge in a connection; it’s magic. It’s alchemy.
I water you, you water me, we never drain each other. We just grow.”

We never drain each other?
What kind of idealist shit is that?!

Maybe if you are polyamorous,
And in a strong relationship with yourself,
& Your business –
And you choose to never have children-

Then you can have a relationship where you don’t trigger each other. Or drain each other.

You’ll see each other- only when you want to.
And can hide out, alone at your house when your demons come out.

You can have sex with other people when your desire fades.
And be brought back to life by your adrenaline highs.

Yay! That sounds awesome!!
Who needs real depth anyway?

Who needs someone to look at the dark shit,
you never show anyone?

Who needs to be triggered,
because looking at that dark shit brings up your core wounds?

Who needs to see the desire fade, because the amount of emotional work is a buzz kill?

And who needs~
to want to strangle your partner-
because they must be the reason you feel like shit!

… well!
I guess I do.

I guess I need that someone who helps me transform in ways, I’d never do for myself.

And I guess that’s why I want children.


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