The binding of two individuals is a sacred rite….

The “Whole”-y-ist rite.
As it is the union of one whole, merging with another whole ~ to create something new…

People’s desire to merge is STRONG,
but this is MAGICK ~
And we can’t merge without also choosing ~
to let ourselves GO.


And surrender
in a culture that supports self-sacrifice & controlling one another.

But in the purity of a UNION,
where both partners are grounded in their truth,
they can both surrender themselves ~
and blossom into something new.

In paganism,
we watch the WAXING and WANING MOON as a symbol of the ebbs and flows in our life.

Life is like shoe-laces criss-crossing …
and eventually tying into a bow.

We can’t merge with another until we’ve done the work to know ourselves.
And in the same way, once we know ourselves… we have to let that go.


I choose to live my life according to the MOON.
Each NEW MOON phase, I spend time by myself.

I reconnect with my circle of women.
I recite the MYSTERIES of women, which have been passed down orally to remind us of our POWER.

And I do the work to connect with the truest ME ☺

Then, after my ritual~

I return to my husband. And we continue to MERGE~

Every time I do my self-work on the new moon,
I have to be willing to let that be expanded upon with the full moon.

THE FULL MOON has its own potent medicine.
And with it, “I” blossom into something NEW.
Something… FULLER than “me.”
Through sacred sexual union and deep surrender~
AN ALCHEMY takes place.

In this collective wholeness-
I realize that “I” am my husband & our future children.
I am MERGED & expanded upon.

ME becomes “WE”

& with that we BUILD.


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