☀️ ~Alchemy~ ðŸŒ™
When the Sun marries the Moon

I got married when I was ready to alchemize.

I spent my 20s idealizing the ways of the “Virgin Priestess.”

Tho in this society the Virgin priestess is misunderstood.

( I should say that women are misunderstood in general.)

The Virgin Priestess is generally associated with the maiden. Since, in ancient times, it was the young Priestesses who lived in the temples- and healed men through their sexual vitality.

This type of sexual behavior is seen as taboo today.
But still, maiden women are finding their sexual liberation through making love, for the pure pleasure in it.

As in….
they aren’t making love as an exchange-
for companionship or safety… or to justify their desires.

The Virgin Priestess archetype is whole in herself.

Her focus is on her personal journey~
as she learns about her womb wisdom,
and the “web” that links us all together.

As a devotee to the Virgin Priestess in my 20s,
I never had a boyfriend.

I even tatoo’d a self-marriage ring on my finger… because i was married to me!

And then I had my “Saturn Return” …
The passage to becoming an adult.

I wanted to become a mother.
I was ready to transform.

I wouldn’t have been able to alchemize if I hadn’t spent over a decade committed to myself.

But then again… the moment I decided to Alchemize with someone…. I LOST MYSELF COMPLETELY.

Everything I thought I was~

Which I believed would set the foundation for who i’d become~



ALCHEMY is very real.
For those of you who are BRAVE
and who find the right match.

The days of easy, self-centered living are over.

Knowing the difference between healthy hardship….
and unhealthy hardship is essential!

My TANTRA with Adam FaeTerra is daily work.

Life is continuously “expanding and contracting” me.

I have to get to know myself… then loose myself… over and over again.

Our child will facilitate this process too.

Squeeging us out… into the someone I have never met… and have little control over.

For me, This is the hardest part of the Maiden to Mother transition.

As the virgin~ (self focused and whole in myself) I had control over so many things in my life.

The mother must learn surrender.


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