This morning Adam and I called in our child.

We made love, linking breath with heart beat.
We orgasmed~
and we spoke our child’s name.

Adam put his forehead to my forehead, in the “Tantric Kiss,”
And we created a portal of deep knowing.

He put a pillow under my hips,
And we let his seed bathe in my womb space.

He held my heart &
We psychically spoke to the spirit of our child.

We shared our intentions for this present moment.
And our desires as future parents.

I am becoming more full than I have ever felt.
I am no longer me, I am becoming a WE.

The “Tantric Kiss” is a yogic greeting posture in which two people rest their foreheads together for mutual meditation.

The kiss can be done standing, reclining, or sitting in the Yab Yum posture (limbs embracing.) Anointing each other’s third eye and touching the forehead together synchronizes your brain waves.
Holding and feeling each other synchronizes heart beats.

This posture enhances extended sensory perception and telepathic communication, allowing you to call in your child with stronger awareness.

“The psycho-sexual kiss transcends the random genetics of procreation and also allows parents to design a healthy evolved human being. Repeated Tantric Kissing before intercourse, the Tantric Kiss can psycho-kinetically fix the sperm race so that the most compatible sperm fertilizes the ovum.
After conception, Tantric Kissing promotes the best embryonic development…”
Excerpt from the book, Jewel in the Lotus by Sunyata Saraswati and Bodhi Avainasha


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