The Virgin Priestess stands before the King in the rite of Hieros Gamos,
a love making ceremony that will bless the people and bring abundance to the lands.

But this time, The Priestess and the King are to be wed.
It will be a marriage between GOD and Goddess.
The joining of two rulers to harmonize their male and female leadership.

The Priestess asks the Goddess,
“Why do I need to marry the King?
I am whole and complete in myself.
I am married to the universe and to you.”

The Goddess speaks through the Priestess’ womb,

“O my love,
The merger of two polarities is a transformational alchemy.
It is time for you to be MORE than the moon,
but to find the SUN within in yourself.

Through his SEED you will begin to root into your body.
You will find more of your strength.

Through your WOMB, he will understand his emotionality.
He will feel his connection to the cosmos,
and through you he will know that he connected to something bigger than himself.

Together you will harmonize male and female polarity
to reflect the ideals of the universe,
and bless the people of this kingdom. 

It is time for you to leave the Temple of Women, Dear Priestess.

It’s time to claim yourself as Wife
& QUEEN of your own domain. 



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