When I was searching for the man I was going to marry, I was looking for my “lock and key.”
You know, that person who fits me so well that he feels like the missing parts of my soul.

I assumed that this lock and key would make me feel complete.
And that being together would make my life easier.

I’m finding out that the lock and key does make my life easier,
but it also brings challenges.
Because any lock and key, will unlock the light and the shadows.

My partner has opened me in ways, that I had no idea were a part of me.

Some of these parts I like, and some of the parts I don’t,
but all of it has been essential for my growth path.

This blog post is called “Shiva, Hades and Poseidon”~
because my lock and key is in the shape of Trident.

In mythology, the Trident is held by three Gods-
Shiva, Hades and Poseidon.

Shiva: The Sacred Masculine ideal who stands for integrity and righteousness.
Poseidon: The God of Water, the emotional realms and our connection to the moon.
Hades: Lord of the Underworld, finding pleasure in our shadow work.

My husband Adam is archetypal embodiment of all three.

When I met him,
he told me that he wanted to get a trident tattoo on his right arm.
On his left arm, he has a tattoo of a Phoenix.
His life so far had been about rising from the ashes.

Doing underworld work is easy for him, in fact i’d say it’s pleasurable.
And life has given him so many hard knocks, that he had been refined into a Shiva.

It’s his Poseidon that make him unique for a “daughter of the moon” like me.
He rides my emotional waves like a fish swimming in water.
And he believes in our women’s mysteries…
Which why we created FaeTerra, Magick on Earth, together.

When Adam put his Trident in my three pronged soul hole,
I opened.
And pieces of me flew everywhere.

I’m still in my reconfiguration.
I’m still learning what comes after this.


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