On a very specific birthday,
after spending a seven year cycle deeply investigating myself through the Goddess,
I tattooed a self marriage symbol, in the color of blood, on my wedding ring finger.

My ceremony to myself was performed at the Goddess Temple of Ashland. The same place that I would marry my husband three years later.

A self-marriage ceremony is a promise to live for yourself,
to travel your own soul’s journey and personal path… before anyone else’s.

I believe a self-marriage is necessary before alchemizing with another person.
You must commit to yourself.

And I had spent 7 years in a relationship with myself,
passionately invested in understanding the WILD feminine.
and the suppressed aspects of our female nature.

I AM that WILD feminine,
and my journey is meant to bring myself back to WHOLEness.

As a symbol of the Goddess, the Seed and the Womb,
was being tattoo’d on my finger in the color of my Moon Blood and my Blood Line –

I sang this chant:

I am the Sun and I am the Moon
I am the Seed and I am the Womb
I am Above and I am Below


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