After childbirth you loose yourself

The women’s mysteries would say, “The blood is now milk.”
And the new mother enters a special sort of limbo.

Everything is about the baby.
Self care can feel non-existent & the trial of being a new parent~
may take some to their wits end.

(Thank goodness for those milky love hormones!
I truly, have never been so tired.)

But It’s said “9 months in ~ 9 months out.”
And at the end of this 18 month period (approx), we have been initiated.

Our soul has made space to be able to take care of another human being.


Next~ comes the return of the BLOOD.

For many moms~ the journey of the milk is more comfortable than the return of their menstrual cycle.

In the women’s mysteries, the menstrual flow is called
“the time when women come back to themselves.”

And, although it is hard to loose ourselves in “the milk phase“~
giving all of ourselves to our child ~ can feel easier than the self inquiry work ~ that the return of the blood now requires.

Our PMS symptoms will remind us where we are out of balance, and that we need to take our space.


After a year of normal cycles~

We emerge ~ as our solidified mother self.

The “she” we will be ~ for the next stage of our life.


The path to becoming a mother has a rhythm. Much like the hero’s journey.

There is the initiation, the decent, and the re-emergence.

Which happens many times over!

Each cycle breaks us open to cleanse, and then rebuild a new layer of ourself.

Life, when looked at from the perspective of the soul, is a spiral.
And its purpose is growth.


Art by Brett Manning


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