When I met my husband, I taught him our “women’s mysteries.”
He’s well versed on cycles….
Our blood, the moon, our emotions, our hormones, natural fertility tracking~

I believe it’s essential that he knows this information to understand me-
But also, so that he understands himself.
Because he’s different than me. He’s my complement.
Through understanding my women’s codes, he finds the codes for himself as a man.

Anyway…. Today my husband was trying to cheer me up.
And I was reminding him that I want to be depressed!

My period is finally starting.
And every blood time, I go deep inside myself to reflect on what’s working in my life and what’s not working in my life.
I grieve what no longer serves me, and I investigate ways to let them go.

My depression is an essential tool for deep reflection.

So today I’m not interested in getting out of bed! …..
He supported me by doing the laundry, cleaning the house, and making us some food.
(( YES!))
We live in a society that doesn’t understand the purpose of emotions.
But they do have a purpose!

Emotions reflect the ever changing ebbs and flows of our growth path.
It’s not only normal to be depressed.

It’s healthy because it forces us to take that time to reflect on our needs.

Most women have PMS symptoms before their period.
This is the ultimate “reflect and release.”
And although women’s health educators have gotten famous from sharing ways to make PMS disappear.

I’ve always been the one saying…. “Your pain is perfect!”

Feel it deeply and it will reveal what’s out of alignment in your life.
Congratulations on your next shed!

My husband holds space, and is present for all of this.


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