☀️ Alchemy 🌙

Above are pictures of an outdoor altar Adam and I created at our first home.

The “seed altar” and the “womb altar.”

The seed altar was a place where adam would give his seed to remember that his body is to be respected and is a creative force.

My womb altar was a place where I could give my blood, to remember the power in my own body. …

Our reverence for the seed and the blood is Tantric… primordial… and has been worshipped since man realized that alchemy creates LIFE

At our wedding,

Adam wore RED to honor my blood.

And I wore white to honor his seed.

I’m sure people assumed I wore white to be culturally correct, but actually…

I always thought I’d wear red at my wedding.

Since my early 20s my activism ~ has been to stand for the WiLD in women. To hold space for the powerful, red, self-sovereign, sexually explorative, expressive, force that is our birth rite.

And… when I got married I was STILL that woman.

But I had learned that there is power in wearing “my husband’s seed.”

This is a metaphor ~ for me, finding strength in my own surrender.

I chose to wear white to honor my husband, and to respect his codes as a protector, as a provider, and as a great support.

I vowed to continuously help him cultivate his strengths.

He in turn wore RED, as a vow to worship my depths, my magick, my psychic site, my intuition, and my creative life force that would drive our future co-creations.
…. ⭐

I believe, that when a woman worships her own wildness AS WELL AS her husband’s strengths~ They are fertile.


Life is about harmonizing our polarities.

The moon doesn’t glow without the sun shining upon it. The light means nothing without darkness.

Life cannot be conceived without our recognition of the blood and the seed!

And in order to live a harmonious life- we must learn to alchemize.


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