Goddess Diana (Artemis) speaks:

“It has taken me 1,000s of years to find a beloved who honors my primal sexuality.
My belly wisdom. My emotional expression that reflects the waxing and waning of the moon.

I will not forsake my sovereignty because I am whole.
But I am also interconnected.
Life is built for partnerships.

I choose a partner who reflects my love of life.
My connection to nature.
My devotion to spirit.
My passion to help the world evolve.

I choose a partner who holds a strong container for my feminine rhythms,
while honoring the mystery that lives within me.

With my bow and arrow, I aim toward my truth.
My lover walks barefoot by my side.
Hand in Hand.
With our child.

For I am the protector of child birth and all things wild.
I am the speaker for women’s virginity– when virginity means whole in oneself.

I am balanced in my masculine and feminine essence,
but I am also the speaker for all things female, feminine and cyclical like the moon.

In my body lives a great power.
And that is to be revered and respected by my Lover-
My King.
My Guardian.
And my GOD who lives by his own sword of Truth.”


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