~ Daughter of Diana ~ 🌙

I often wonder how a woman married to herself-
can be married to another.

Many of you know I traveled with our Red Tent Women’s circle for years~
In the name of the Red Feminine.
Visit: ourredtent.com

Daughter’s of Diana are married to nature.

We are the wild ones, wholy independent…
and interdependent with the community.

We are women for women….not to tear our men down.
But to show everyone that patriarchy harms all of us.
We are in the endless pursuit of equality and harmony between men and women.

~~~ 🌙
But, as I write this, I recognize that Daughters of Diana have been angry for a long time.

There has been too much suppression over the years.

We tend to distrust men,
who in the past have harmed us & made us into tools.

How do i honor this anger-
And turn to my husband with my full commitment?

Before I met my husband –
I never thought a man “could” marry Diana.

She is the mother of the Amazons & the Witches.

She has inspired all women to come together, to remember their power within.

With that,
We know marriage isn’t outside of ourselves.
Because we are whole within ourselves.

But my husband said to me yesterday,

“I love you Artemis.”

My Diana~
“I am in service to your mission.
I want men and women to be equal”
“I want us to be king and queen, side by side.”

He said this to me,
after I cut my hair so short, I may have well buzzed my head.

He was looking straight at a daughter of the dark goddess~
The “She” within me, that is devoted to liberating us from the ideals that imprison us all.

And I felt seen.

Husbands DO want us to be in our power.

Marriage isn’t a sharing of parts,
But instead two whole people building something bigger together.

they can help us find our self-sovereignty.

When men open their hearts and stand in their truth-

They help us to surrender into our collective mission~

to empower both MEN and WOMEN.
Then we can teach the children.


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