This is a love letter to my husband,
Who chooses me without conditions. ❤️

Sometimes I don’t understand why he loves me so much… We’re different in soo many ways.
But he accepts me as I am. And loves me as I am.


Truthfully, it’s the way that Adam chooses me FULLY,
that has caused me to surrender ….
My identity, my ego, my need to achieve, my adrenaline highs, my desire to run away…

Because, so much of who “I am” ~ was formed through unhealthy forms of love.

Since we met, my journey has been about unraveling myself. And he’s been here.
He’s chosen every one of my 10,000 faces.
He’s chosen to protect me, provide for me, and support me~ as his PASSION project.
Our family is his life’s work.


One of the reasons I was drawn to Adam, 👑 who is~ by the way~ a very dominant man…
is because he doesn’t feel the need to “prove” anything.

He doesn’t need to teach his skills, or want to boast about his masculine mastery.
He just is it.

He also loves me as a powerful~ magickal~ woman.
And he doesn’t belive my power comes from what I do, he believes it comes from what I BE.

Our combination ~~>
has lead us on an incredible alchemical journey into understanding what love actually is.
And to me dissecting the “truths” in my own reality.

It has allowed me to soften. And from that, I have become a mother.


There are moments when I realize that I’m afraid of love.
I can feel repelled by Adam’s intensity.
But it’s my key.
In his presence, I see all my own shadows.
I can choose to hang on to them, or I can let them go.

I love you Adam FaeTerra. I choose you. Every day. ⭐️


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