I just read a blog post I wrote, about how beautiful marriage is.
And how it is instrumental to our growth path.
It is!

But it’s also hard.
It’s hard in ways that I understand, and in other ways that I still can’t figure out.

So why did we get married?

1. The marriage container is instrumental for transformation.
I’m choosing to make this our number one reason, because my husband and I are witchy  😉

If you know anything about Scorpios, you know that we believe the dark times are worth it if it means we become stronger for it.

We knew that our marriage would “trigger us.”
And so far-
it has brought up insecurities related to our own parent’s marriage…
its brought up own issues from childhood…
Its made us question our own sovereignty and autonomy…
Its made us question the line between co-creation and co-dependency…
Its brought old traumas and makes subconscious fears surface…

and honestly–
marriage forces us to evaluate the entire institution of marriage, relationship, and family as a whole-
to figure out how it can work best for us.

But through all of this work –
we are clearing out old pain and transforming into who we want to become.

This is very valuable to us.

2. We got married to have children.
Sure, you don’t have to get married to have children~
but (in my opinion) it makes it easier!

We’ve seen that children need strong containers.
And so do parents when they are making decisions for their children.

It’s actually a biological norm for people to bind themselves before having babies.
It’s something animals do for their children.
Tribe makes the vulnerable safe.
Marriage makes a family stronger.

3. We got married because we wanted to grow as people.

This is alchemy.
This is what TANTRA is all about.

Marriage is choosing to become something bigger than yourself.

It’s the path of loosing your single self, to find another self, and to understand more of yourself.

4. We got married because we wanted to build together.

Adam and I are different.
We have complimentary gifts.

And when those gifts come together, we build something incredible!

Adam and I came together to build FaeTerra.
And to have a child.

Neither of us could have done that on our own.
It takes partnership.

5. We got married because we love each other!

This is obvious! 🙂
Passion and deep intimacy is necessary in a marriage. So is friendship.


Marriage is a commitment.
And, for us, our foundation relies on continuously choosing each other.

Our marriage container allows us to go deep with our union-
so we can build our life.

This means we stand by each other in the hard times.
And our union makes us stronger people.


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