You have this ONE life.
Yes, you may reincarnate.
You may live lifetimes over and over again.
But it won’t be this ONE LIFE.

And In this one life, spend time with people who SUPER CHARGE YOU.
People who will challenge you.
People who will remind you of body pleasures and the meaning of your shadows.
Spend time with people who make you want to dance, sing, paint, and cry.

PLEASE! Forget security. Forget comfort. These things are illusions.
The more you settle for security and comfort, the more the universe will test you.
Your relationships will trigger you.
You may begin to loose yourself.

Your skin will get saggy.
Sex drive will wane.
Health will become more fragile.
Your temperament may become unstable.
YOU have this ONE Life.

I know you have responsibilities.
I know you think you hold up the world.

You don’t want to hurt people by choosing yourself.
Take my hand. I’ll help you live for YOU.


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