I am sitting outside naked on my front porch.
My legs are splayed open and I see the next-door neighbor hopping into his car.
I am sure he is too busy to notice me, so I continue to place my hand on my cunt.

The joy that comes from reconnecting sexual energy to universal energy is primal and potent. I breathe in the light and raise the sexual energy up my spine.

A few months ago I had a visualization.

I was a beautiful girl swimming naked through red rock tunnels. The full moon was shining on the water and the mud caressed my skin.

I came to a rock and rubbed my genitals up against it. I felt joy. It was innocent and pure. No shame. It is my divine right.

Reflecting on my own sexuality, I realize my sexual energy with lovers waxes and wanes. Sometimes I want to be primal. Other times I just want to cuddle.

You see, my sexuality does not have one face. We must learn to love sexual energy in its waxing and waning forms.

To my beloved,
You cannot push my flower’s petals to open.
Honor me and adore me.
Then I will blossom.

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