FaeTerra Oracle Deck

Oracle Card: You are the Goddess. It’s time to believe in yourself.

“You’re an extinct model.”

“What do you mean?”

“Women like you don’t exist anymore.

“In ancient times there were Oracles who guided the community by their intuitive wisdom.

They would educate on spiritual sexuality and stand bare breasted to display their primal embodiment.

They would wash the men of war.
They would bleed on the Earth.

But women like you are an old model.

You are supposed to be extinct.”

<< I pinch myself to make sure I am real. >>

Well… this confirms it.

The Goddess is BACK!


It’s time to believe in yourself.

For the first time since the shift into the “one God” religions,
women are remembering that we are Priestesses.

Priestesses are women who are able to connect with the divine realms, and embody the ways of the Goddess.

Who is the Goddess?
The Goddess is the feminine aspect of source energy, or GOD.

In our current religious systems, GOD is a man.
But, mystics believe source energy is both masculine and feminine.
When we suppress the feminine aspect of GOD, we live in an imbalanced society that also suppresses women’s gifts and keeps us all in the shadows.

This feminine aspect of GOD has many personalities.
Some worshipers prefer to call HER 1,000 names so that they can more easily describe each one of her parts. Her names include Artemis, Athena, Hekate, Inanna, Quan Yin…. And so on.

But when a woman fully embodies the goddess, she is also taking back the wild, mystical, dark, and primal aspects of her nature and embracing them as points of power.

A woman who is a Priestess, is also the Goddess.

In her highest state, she is able to open her body to the divine realms and speak the Goddesses’ wisdom to her community in circle.

Through the Goddess we reclaim our body’s wisdom,
we remember that we are the Earth,
we celebrate our sexuality,
we speak our truths,
we are guided by our intuition,
we embrace life’s cycles,
we find meaning in our emotions,
we journey from light to dark,
and we sit in circle in service to each other-
as we honor the web of life.

When you embody the Goddess,
You are the change that needs to happen on this planet in order to rebalance our society.

When you pull this card ask yourself,

Do you believe in yourself?
You are the change the world waiting for!

It isn’t easy to be the change, especially when women are told to be quiet, pretty and fit in.

Remember, being the change doesn’t necessarily mean you need to “do” anything.
Being a woman who believes in herself, is often enough.

But we are all here to help build a society that celebrates the feminine in all things, especially the parts of HER that are shamed or feared.

It’s time for all women to remember who we are.


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