When you pull this card, Go Outside! ReWILD yourself

You’ve listened to how society wants you to be,
and you’ve tried to act accordingly, but that’s not how your body is designed!

Our bodies are wild.
We have curves, and unruly sexual urges, and erratic emotional flare ups.
When we bleed, it stains. When our hearts break, it’s hard to open back up.

There is nothing chaste about nature, so we do we expect our bodies to be so pure?

Go outside and watch the moon.
Throughout the month it waxes and wanes from light to dark.
We are also light and dark, and we go through ups and downs.

The snake on this card represents the truth of the female body.
Although the snake is feared in our society, just as our bodies are misunderstood,
the snake is symbol of primal embodiment, the shedding our old skin to create new skin, awakened sexuality and rising consciousness.

When you begin to feel your body, as a microcosm of Mother Nature-
you’ll begin to question why you’ve been trained to be so polite.

Nature doesn’t have a flat belly. It enjoys its sexual impulses, because it is life.
To call the body dirty because it is menstruating, is like calling Mother Nature obscene.

You don’t need to be thin or beautiful or polite or successful.
Remember you are Wild Nature.


I am “DIRTY” in a society that tells me
that being clean is GOOD, 
Being happy all the time is GOOD, 
making MORE money is GOOD, 
Structure is GOOD, 
Being a Mother is GOOD, 
Virginity is GOOD….

I am DIRTY, 
grinding my yoni against the rocks and feeling the water cascade down my chest.
The moon glowing upon me.

I am one with the animals, the elements, the fairy creatures, the dark moon dwellers.

I am a dirty girl mixing the mud with my hair to make dreadlocks,
sweeping the red dirt across my face, down my ribs and breasts.

I am a dirty girl dancing naked under moon light.
Honoring the place where my menstrual blood drips…
Just as wild animals are born to do.

I am a dirty girl because I touch myself for the pure joy of touching myself.

I recognize my belly as it bulges out,
I honor my womb for its ability to create life.

Because I am primal.
Because I am ALIVE.


I’m going to walk on the grass
and feel the energy currents in nature
& remember that LIFE itself sustains me

I’m going to dance naked under the moon light.
My breasts exposed to the night’s glow,
and know it is my birth rite to be wild and free.

I’m going to know sacred desire
Self pleasuring in the sun
with my legs splayed open to GOD.

I am interconnected
to the web we all weave
and i know I am not in this alone…

I do not fear my death
or my life
or my passion
or my pleasure
or me transformation

I remember why I came here~
which is to orgasm and eat chocolate
and to master this landscape of infinite possibilities
only defined by other people’s limitations

She isn’t a traditionally pretty girl.
She shaves her head-
And leaves mud caked beneath her nails.
But her body image never bothers her.

There is something truly sexy about her.

Sex, as it relates to primal nature.
As in, the wild freedom of someone who refuses to be made into an object.

A sexy that isn’t looking for approval.
A sexy that comes from feeling whole.

She will never wear a push up bra or wear artificial lashes. 
Her desirability comes from riding the waves of her own abandon.

She is in a cathartic relationship with pleasure.

Her body is her temple 
and every man she is drawn to is Divine.

She hears the way society tells her to be,
But it melts away with her trust in spirit.


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