When you pull this card,
You are being asked to step into your Wisdom Keeper.

The hard times have made you wiser,
and you now have experiences
that can help our community.

This card embraces the archetype of the Crone.

The word “Crone” is a difficult word for our society to embrace,
but that’s exactly why we should embrace it!

The Crone is the wisdom keeper because she has bled for many moons,
and each moon time taught her lessons.

Now that she is no longer bleeding, and no longer raising children,
she can celebrate her sovereignty.

At the same time,
The Crone phase is about slowing down and going inside.
Now that the crone is nearing death, it’s time to reflect on life
and the great mystery around endings.

On this card we see the owl.
The owl sees the world from a 360 degree perspective.
It can also see in the dark.
This is a metaphor for the wisdom gained by the Crone.

Whatever phase of life you are in,
the Crone, and the wise owl inside of you, is guiding you now.

It’s time for you to share your wisdom.
And it’s also time for you to ask yourself, what is the wisest way for you to share?

If you are in the Crone phase of life,
Welcome Wisdom Keeper!
Congratulations on the battles you have conquered to get here.
Celebrate your sovereignty.


When I’m a Crone, I will own my name.
There won’t be room for other’s “haggard” projections,
making me out to be a woman who lost her sexual vitality.
Or a woman who has lost her purpose because I’m no longer fertile.

When I am a Crone I will worship my body.
I will bask in the sweet caresses of my beloved.

And he will wash my feet,
because he is in reverence of my journey.

When I am a Crone I will wear the crescent moon on my forehead,
because I have lived through many moons
and each cycle has made me wiser.

I am the High Priestess
ordained by the Earth itself.
My age,
and the trials that have come with it,
have made me powerful.

My voice is needed!

When I’m a Crone I will lead the circle.
I’ll facilitate activities to make our community stronger.
I will speak my truth!

When I’m a Crone I will celebrate death.
I will be by my friend’s bedsides when they transition.
And I will cheer them on!
As they enter the next phase of their journey.

When I’m a Crone I will have no fear.

Because I have lived through the battles.
I have moved through my insecurities.
I have learned to embrace who I am.
and I AM who I want to be.

I am now a pillar for the community,
the wise and whole-y CRONE!


Women get more beautiful as they grow older.
Not less.

The maiden is desirable in our culture because of her naivety.
She is easy to manipulate. She is easy to control.
And we live in a time that fears female power.

As women mature, they anchor themselves.
They are a force to be reckoned with.

When women are told that there is something wrong with getting older,
and they are manipulated into spending money to slow signs of aging….
a part of our collective soul is lost.
It is the part that honors wisdom, maturity, strength, and prepares us for a healthy transition into death.

What if Wise Women were the most desirable women in our culture?
Our entire world would change.


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