All women are connected.

But recently,
I’ve had a hard time helping women remember this
because women no longer go to the moon lodge to hear each other’s stories.

When we sit in circle, it’s obvious that we are playing out an archetypal myth. We all in the labyrinth, navigating our heroine’s journey.

Every woman faces the taboos of being herself living in a patriarchal society. We each bleed, we each give birth, we each get older… And none of it is clean enough for this particular world.

As I am about to give birth to my first child, I think the amount of women who have told me that “I need to do this alone.”

Of course, we each birth alone as part of our rite of passage from maiden to mother. This is to align us with our inner power.

But, at the same time, none of us should ever really BE alone.

Aloneness is an illusion,
because our wombs are a part of a web that is connected to our ancestors… as well as our children in the stars.

We give birth to transmute the karma of our grandmothers.
We bleed to rid this world of the baggage it no longer needs.

Every single womb is connected.
Which means every single woman is connected.

This is why we bind ourselves by the red thread.
To remember our power.


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