Do you know WHY Witches prefer to be naked?

It all stems back to the story of Adam and Eve.
And most notably Lilith, who refused to lie beneath adam, because she is whole and complete in herself.
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Before Eve took a bite of that apple, she and Adam lived in the Garden of Eden ~ unapologetically naked.
To be naked also means ~ innocent, authentic, and without shame.

Adam and Eve were counterparts of each other.
Eve was formed from Adam’s rib.
And because they were parts… they always felt less than enough.

They spent their lives seeking something to make them feel secure…
In their case, Adam and Eve found their security in GOD~ Yaweh Eloheim.
A GOD that exists outside of them.

It was because of their insecurities, that Adam and Eve were able to be cast out of Eden.
They covered themselves with clothes and became anxiously aware of their own morality.

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Before Eve, Adam was matched with Lilith.
And they were both designed to be whole.

The Bible says~Man and woman were formed from the Earth, in GOD’s image.
They were created Sovereign, secure, and interconnected with all of life.
Until one day Adam demanded that Lilith lie beneath him…

And this moment ~ marked the world’s descent into male dominated religion and patriarchal ideals.
Its also the moment that man forgot his interconnection with all things. And to be in harmony with others.
He forgot that he was first made in the image of GOD.

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In her famous stone relief~ LiLiLTH stands NAKED.
She does not feel the shame ~ that Adam and Eve feel, because they were separated from their wholeness.
Her sexuality is integrated within her. And her body is something to worship.

She is the symbol of the old religion~
When body positivity, sex positivity, reproductive rites, integration of our light and darkness… was just the way it was.

Lilith is a woman who owns herself. Who marries herself. Who worships herself.
And we witches ~ are Lilith’s daughters.
Just like Lilith, We are dangerously aware of our own divinity….
And we resurrect over and over again ~. every time we burn. 🔥

~~~ 🌙

You will find many of us naked in hotsprings, dancing under the moonlight or unveiled in like minded temple gatherings.

To us, being naked means being whole.
It comes with the understanding that WE ARE GODDESS.
Our body is a symbol of our power. Divinity exists within.

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