Why do women become depressed after giving birth?
Why do women get mastitis or oral thrush?
Why are there women who have hyperemesis in pregnancy?

Is there meaning to this madness? Is our body trying to tell us something?

I believe our body is a compass.
When it gets sick, it’s  often doing so to clear something deep within us.

I’d like to tell you a couple stories….

A friend of mine came over a few days ago with her baby.
After giving birth, she had the WORST mastitis and oral thrush.
And, she had a fever for six weeks.

Louise Hay is a Medical Intuitive, who channels the emotional reasons for illness.

Breast reflects our ability (or inability) to feel safe in connection with others.
Thrush represents pent up anger and resentment.
& mastitis represents putting everyone else first, with a refusal to nurture the self.

For my friend, it seems that her newborn child brought up her own fears around giving and receiving.

The physical pain is a good thing!
It means that the old emotional pain, that’s been hiding deep down,
is actually moving to the surface.

Once it “pops” the physical pain will lessen and she will feel clearer- in all ways.

When her emotional baggage is clearer, she can be the mother she wants to be.

Another thing….
She had a fever.

Fevers happen when the body is cutting energy cords.

Energy cords are old attachments that, in my friend’s case, are no longer useful.

Birth is a portal!
And my friend’s fever, was helping her cut away her old self.

It was a transmutation process~ shedding the old so she can claim the new.

Ok. Next story.

One of my best friends has five babies. With each child she is diagnosed with hyperemesis.

Hyperemesis happens when a woman has severe sickness in pregnancy.
She cannot eat and can only drink through an IV drip.
Often she is hospitalized.

But! My friend has been sick her whole life.
A few years before she had her first baby she was diagnosed with cervical cancer.
(Which she cured through alternative methods.)

While she is pregnant,
my friend believes that her babies – are purging her of the toxins that are already inside her.

While she feels sick, she prays and finds gratitude for the journey toward healing.
I tell these stories to help us change our frame of mind around illness.

I believe our bodies are not out to get us.

The pain is asking us to turn our attention toward our insides.

Through the process of healing our sickness– we can transform.


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