I want my son to believe that he can be anything.

He can be a musician, a world traveler, a climate change activist…

He can be a visionary artist in New York, a cowboy in New Zealand, a talk show host on his own YouTube channel….

A chef, a pilot, an astronaut going to Mars!

He can be… something that isn’t even invented yet! A new world entrepreneur!

And I wonder….

what’s the best way to instill confidence in him?

How can i help him find his purpose?

How do I let him know that his gifts matter?

And that the world wants to hear his ideas?

I want him to feel passionate!

And have the drive to become self-sufficient & financially successful.

I want him to WANT to share himself with others.

Because I want my son to thrive in this life.

So! When my son goes to school~

I wonder,

Will the public school system ~ be able to help my son live up to his full potential?

And will the stability of a Monday through Friday schedule ~ ensure a successful future?

If most graduates from public schools show us that this is not the case….

What other schooling options are there?

Welcome to the Rabbit hole!!!

Because it turns out there are…

Private schools, Charter schools, Art schools, Wilderness schools, Montessori learning, Waldorf learning, Homeschooling, Road schooling, World Schooling !!


Adam and I bought this travel trailer so that we can explore options for Atreyu… maybe road schooling could be a possibility?


I know that many people are reconsidering education options~ during this time of COVID.

How can WE help our children feel WiLD and free?

So they can have the passion~

to be the change we’ve all been waiting for?

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