What if I said,
That every child is my child.
And every man is a reflection of GOD.

What if I told you that I am whole.
That my Belly is powerful.
That my Heart has wisdom.
That my Desire has meaning

What if I truly believe that my safety
depends on my understanding of nature.
And that my spirit’s journey has untapped potential

What if I live by the principle that
my darkness is something sacred

What if I told everyone that I map my life by the stars.
And my ancestral wounds by my moon blood…

That I don’t need to print out an astrology chart
to know that all of the world lives within me.

I want to vibrate at my fullest potential,
and never feel like I should market myself

I don’t need to prove myself
My radiance is in who I actually am

So, what if I decided not to fit in?
for the safety of my child
Or to create comfort for my husband
What if I stopped trying to make my family proud of me
And became a child of the UNIVERSE.

What if I just am the LIGHT.


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