I peer into the multi-dimensional universe ~✫

A Galactic Fortress of Stars and Gridlines.
Planes of REALITY complied in a spiral.
Overlapping our 3D with MANY D.

I see my future, I see my past.
I see no separation.

Yet i still try to be “successful” in the physical reality.

Where is my Romantic Partner? I think.
Why is it so hard for me to be stable?

Yet, I’m not human. ✫
My frequency is different.

My spirit is guided by the collective shifts and changes.
My heart has many loves, because I feel I am everyone.


So I shut off my channel ~
Because what is the purpose of POWER when no one believes in the Priestess?

NOW is not the time for Guidance.
Now is the time for CHAOS. ☆

Chaos is how we are going to differentiate from the church.
Chaos is how we are going to differentiate from those who try to control us.

The Chaos is how HUMANS will learn to be GODS.

People will choose to be the Priests of their own religious order,
when they understand their innate power.


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