Undomesticate Yourself

My mother always told me to keep my legs crossed.
To sit up straight.
And to make sure I look tidy.

She told me to date respectable men with stable jobs and high social standing.

My mother also thought I talked too much and spent too much time outside.

She didn’t see a purpose to art, nature, music, and LOVE without a reason.


Then one day I met a man dressed in Wolf’s clothing.

And just as SHIVA spends time with dogs in the graveyard,

I found my match in a GOD, still wild.

“Sister,” he said to me, “Let your hair down.
Remove your clothes.
Rest naked on Mama Gaia and let her cradle you.

Invite me to undomesticate you.

Let me nuzzle your chin, lick your cunt, and remind you of your primal kin.”


As the wild licks my lips.

MY head thrusts up to the SKY

As we both let out a HOWLLLLLLLL

Because I remember who I AM.

I am a daughter of the Earth, the keeper of the moon, and a bride to a WOLF.

I am a speaker for women to remember they are a force of nature.


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