Trigger ME this.

I have learned that my most impactful writings,
will be read wrong by a large percentage of the readers.

….Or maybe they aren’t read wrong.

But since I’m naming points of power that the reader is scared to embrace, they’d rather shame the author.

In general, people don’t know how to support Leaders.

Most People want to be told what to do, until something doesn’t align with them, and then they try and tear the leader down.


We leaders, don’t even like being called leaders.
We’re free thinkers, revolutionaries, designed to be on the front lines of a movement where many people are choosing to follow suit.

We leaders are sensitive, compassionate, and mostly want to cuddle.

Yet our soul purpose is so strong it creates a burning in our belly. I MUST speak up, share the energy running through me, and explain what I see!


We are all connected.
And the leaders feel the pain in the world intensely.
If we don’t speak up, we ALL fall.

In terms of our collective humanity~
If we are going to change our FUTURE– we ALL need to feel TRIGGERED.

And most importantly~
People need to learn that they are the LEADER themselves.

** Find your WOLF!**

Tap into your own body wisdom
to help you dissolve EVERYTHING you’ve learned.

You are a force of nature,
Guided by your own primal impulses and your unadulterated body wisdom.

I am NOT your teacher!

Embrace your wholeness inside.
Your liberation will only come from you.


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