Alright. Here we GO.

Today I recommit myself ~ to honor my body’s cycles and rhythms,
and link it with the cycles and rhythms of the universe.

On the Full Moon I celebrate collective “OVULATION.”

I celebrate male and Female Co-creation.
Sexual union. Ecstatic Manifestation.

On the New Moon I celebrate the collective “MENSTRUATION.”

The time to shed. The time to go inward.
The time to recommit to myself.
The time to connect with the women in the Red Tent.

When I’m menstruating, I reflect. I rest.
I drop into my belly wisdom and do whatever my body needs.
This is not the time to DO. This is the time to FEEL.

I recommit to my spiritual practices of putting my yoni directly on the earth,
so I can remember I am the Earth.

I recommit to embodied movement, spirit dance, my emotional release practices, and my alternative ways of meditation.

I recommit to eating foods that are cooked with care.

I recommit to HER service.
May “she,”
The highest wisdom within me, guide my actions based on what aligns with my soul.

I SHED the collective fears.
I SHED the collective pain.
I SHED the collective disconnection.

I live by my belly wisdom.
And commit to the divine feminine rising.


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