This our time,
when rationality needs to surrender to our dreams,
and our need for security can be softened by our own creativity.

The feminine is rising,
And it’s not just HER nurturing aspects- because the patriarchy is comfortable with it.

It’s HER wild abandon that connects us with nature,
It’s the artistic impulse that weaves understandings that are locked in the subconscious,
It’s embracing the ego as something that is truly necessary
It is the dark night of the soul that shows us our own power,
It’s our currents of our sexuality as it guides us to enlightenment.

We are following the knowings in our soul
so that we may surrender to feeling and instinctual movement.

We will connect to our impulses and bask in our emotions.

We will paint with our own finger tips
so that we know what color feels like.

It’s time to dance to the rhythm of spirit
and to open our arms to the stars.

This is our return.

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