Stop trying to be like every body else!
It would be so boring if you were always “stable,” “organized,” on time, and “responsible.”

Why do you want to become “successful?”

Free people should not be PRESSURED to become cookie cutter, make your money, be of service, know your craft and stick to it,  married business people.

How is that going to liberate our society?
We NEED the artists.

We have enough “stable” people holding down the 9 to 5 fort.
The artists inspire us to dance, to sing, to paint, and to write.
The artists teach us to BE exactly who we are designed to be.

they show us what it means to NEVER comprise!

Know who you are!
Remember you are NOT here to look like anyone else.

You are the UNIQUE & MARVELOUS BEING we have all been waiting for.


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