I’m thinking about taking MORE risks in my life.

My PROBLEM may be in trying to play it safe.

I believe it’s time to seek out people who embody lifestyles that terrify me.
To help me become fearless.

It’s time to post on FETlife, the kinky Facebook,
and Patreon an artist support platform, to get myself out of Censorship mentality.

It’s time to create projects that are OUT of the BOX, to see how people respond to them.

I am the project.

And life will be over before I know it.

It just may be that!
I’m taking “My Work” too seriously.
I’m taking relationships too seriously.
I’m taking sex too seriously.
I’m taking my art too seriously.
I’m taking making money, too seriously.

I’m taking people’s criticisms, and praises of my expression too seriously.

Now that I’m clear its ALL a game.
I can focus and become NEO in the MATRIX.

What bubbles do I want to burst?
And who is coming with me?

….. Rapid path to Enlightenment, AHO!

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